Camera use


Hello! I only can play over the map. How can I use the camera to catch de dinos?


What do you exactly mean? If you’re in the worldmap you have to walk IRL to a dinosaur which is shown on the map. Once you’re near you can capture it. You can’t move ‘towards’ the dino; thats considered spoofing / hacking and is not allowed (only via 3rd party software = not allowed!!).

If you try to capture a dinosaur you have to follow the dinosaur by aiming at it. This will make the camera move towards a direction; try to follow the dino and shoot in the white cicle to obtain DNA. The small white dot = max DNA!

Hope this answered your question as i am not completely sure what you’re trying to say.


Hello, Freds00n. Thanks for your answer!!

What I meant is that if there is any chance of catching the dinos using the AR mode with the camera. In other games I was able to use the Augmented Reality of the camera at the moment of capturing the creature. Is that possible in this game?


Yeah i thought so; for now this is not possible unfortunately. Perhaps in the future! I am aware you can do this in PoGo so i know what you mean; just not available in JWA… Just pictures for now. :sunny: