Camouflage On Escape distraction applies to creature swapping out

Bug Description: The distraction portion of those two moves applies to the creatures upon escape, rendering it completely useless as the creature coming in does not get distracted.

Area is was found in: Friendly battle, strike tower, any.

How do you reproduce the bug: Megalotops VS anything
Step 1- Opponent swaps out creature for another
Step 2 - Megalotops’s camoflage on escape activates, distracting the opponents outgoing creature
Step 3 - Opponents new creature is undistracted.

How often does it happen: Every. Being that this is a non damaging move, the distraction piece is never useful. If the opponent was swapping out a counter-attacker AND this was a damaging move, then it would at least serve some purpose.

What type of device are you using: Android


This isn’t a bug. On escape abilities happen on the creature swapping out, not on the creature that is being swapped in.
For example, Titanoboa vs TRex, TRex swaps into Acro, Boa’s OE rampage hits TRex, not Acro.
Even if the distraction is on the creature swapping out and not the creature coming in it still makes sense why, Mega’s OE distraction still makes sense regardless. Useless but makes sense.

This is not a bug

Not a bug, but maybe a bug report will make them address this weird interaction?


I admit, it’s not so much who the distraction gets applied to that I have issue with. It’s that Camouflage On Escape is basically just a glorified Cautious On Escape.

Since they seem to just be slapping every move onto an “On Escape” passive, fine, but it just seems like if they are going to start adding On Escapes that distract, they should think more about who is getting distracted.

I’ve shared this with our team. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ned!