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Camp cretaceous mayhem

The next season of jurassic world camp cretaceous is rumored to come out in may so why not adding a camp cretaceous mayhem

Tournaments :
Week 1 pteranodon gen 2
Week 2 parasaurolphus gen 2
Week 3 sinoceratops
Week 4 Brachiosaurus

Vip tournament : baryonx

New gen 2s :
Carnotaurus gen 2 (super rare)
Ankylosaurus gen 2 (legendary)
Stegosaurus gen 2 (legendary)

Edit : stegosaurus and ankylosaurus gen 2 should be regular legendaries not tournament


since cerato is a battle stage that is not likely
VIP tourneys are I am pretty sure VIPs only like metaposaurus

Oh yes forgot thaat ceratosaurus is for battle stages now

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