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Camp Cretaceous Season 2

Finally! Season 2! Looking forward to watching it later today. How about you guys? :smiley:

Remember, if there are Spoilers in your post/review be sure to put a “Spoiler Alert” before the post…


Looking forward to it very much
Will be watching it IMMEDIATELY after I finish schoolwork


I’ve watched the first 3 episodes already and spoilers aside, it definitely still holds the same charm as the first season. :heart:


I have not started to watch it yet — but will soon. :smiley: Looking forward to this one


Same here

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No spoilers will only watch it later on. Made a mistake and started watching a new series recently, but very excited.


Nice! I’m midway through episode 4 but sooooo sleepy. :sleeping: Very interesting so far.

EDIT : Watched episode 4 fully. Amazing :fire:

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Spoiler alert : after the end credits scene i wonder who will be the season 3 antagonist


Just thought of something. Eolambia, Eudimorphodon, etc. are Kenji Creatures… (VIP Creatures) :joy:

Lame joke but still couldn’t resist

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Baryonx : am i a joke to you

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I said “etc” as well. :laughing:

I have some theories
Camp Cretaceous season 3 will prob come out when Dominion was supposed to

A whole year wait?


Dominion was meant to come out mid 2021. I think it will come out then so we have something to watch in place of dominion

No. The novel for season 3 is confirmed to come out on may 28th so season 3 will be there too. Camp cretaceous will probably be over by summer because dominions marketing will start around fall


My kids have been watching it so I have been catching some of it here and there and from what I have seen I like season 2 way better than season 1.

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Same here. Especially the 4th and 5th episodes.

Watched it the day it came out
Praying season 3 comes out soon

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I’d been looking forward to watching it ever since season one was finished. Finished the entire series the day it came out.

i love it i hope for more

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