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Camp Cretaceous season 3 official thread

This will be the thread that, after Camp Cretaceous season 3 comes tomorrow, we will use to discuss the actual program after it comes, not what we think is going to happen.

This is if anyone wants to. Lol that made me sound like I’m lonely.

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Spoiler alert : after ouranosaurus surprise appearance i wonder if there’s gonna be more secret species appearing


Please remember to add “Spoiler Alert” before revealing anything that was shown in trailers/videos…

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Sorry forgot it

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spoiler alert, we might see dr whu brother and maybe monolophosaure

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cant wait to see dimorphodon and monolophosaurus

How do you blur



Spoiler alert!!!
new e750 videos

E750’s shadow looks like Mono gen 2 but it’s eyes look like velociraptor. I can’t wait to see how different the JWTG version is from the camp Cretaceous one.

Thanks @Indoraptor08

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It’s here!

Woowoo! I can’t watch it yet. Other things to do

IM ON S3 EP3 Kenjis Pent house is MASSIVE

Justo finished watching Episode 2. E750 is darn creepy not gonna lie…

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Im on ep6 E750 is abolute NIGHTMARE FUEL

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Friendly reminder : spoiler alert to be mentioned or spoiler should be blurred…

Episode 3 spOILer alert.

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To me E750 is what indoraptor should have been

Remember to hide or mention potential spoilers.

That’s not a spoilers that’s my personal opinion