Camp cretaceous season 4 dinosaurs in update 2.12?

Update 2.12 and camp cretaceous could come at the same time as camp cretaceous season 4 depending if it’s going to drop before December 3rd wich is very likely to happen. This also depends on how many new dinosaurs will be in it. The only new dinosaurs we know so far are spinosaurus and kentrosaurus although these could recieve a gen 3 and gen 2 then and we also don’t have ceratosaurus and toro yet

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Dont forget the spino could get a nee name like bumpy and toro, or more unlikely a kentro like bumpy

I think there’s a 50/50 chance at getting kentro, mainly because it may make some sort of debut in dominion(I’m literally just guessing and would like to not know anything about dominion). Spino… a very slight chance of it being introduced I think, unless it somehow is a very impact full antagonist or even somehow a new “main character” like bumpy


Yep. It’s unlikely we get the spinosaurus. But let’s wait we could also have some “surprise” species like ouranosaurus

Not sure the update will be for 2.12 but maybe 2.13/2.14

Yep. considering we have already datamine for at least 3 new creatures

What are the datamine creatures @Altithorax_Perotorum ?

They have seasons so they’re not going to be commons

Another apex? How are they going to make its DNA collectable?

I don’t know. Either it replaces an old raid or we have more apexes raids on the same day. Or we get a new way of collecting apex dna

I’m really curious about Arctovasilas, for what the description says, it’s going to use the new bear rig, so hopefully we get to see some cool animations. Though I’m mostly concerned on how its going to be obtained, it could either replace Mortem or be with another apex (my guess is that that it’ll go with Refrenantem and have Friday-Sunday apexes only for future additions.

Hopefully we have a new way of getting apex dna or just multiple apexes on the same day. Would be bad if apexes will be replaced for those who haven’t unlocked them

I still hope we get more creatures since usually we would have already gotten new datamine so either those are all new ones or we get update 2.12 later than usual in order with camp cretaceous season 4

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Can you share the link please?

Part of it is on gamepress. The rest is on YouTube

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Link please

Another apex? Do you think it will be replacing something or will we have 2 apexes on the same day?

If they remove Morty i would be so sad. Shes one of the apexes I realy want.

Hopefully more on the same day. Or a new way to obtain apex dna

Just a quick post, while I know we are all excited for Camp Cretaceous Season 4 and wonder what could be in a JWA update, please remember that sharing datamine content, links and info is not appropriate on the forums.

Thanks for your understanding and lets get ready for season 4 premiere!