Camp Cretaceous season 5 reactions

Just post reactions, suggestions, opinions, comments, questions about the 5th season that came out today
Please blur all spoilers

Ima go watch it for the next 4 hours.

I’ll be back.

Terminator vibes right there

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I just finished and I thought it was great

I personally ally thought it was alright. There were some weird parts towards the end however

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I only got to episode three and took a break :sweat_smile:

Today we’ll get the last piece of jurassic content for a while. Like always don’t spoil or at least blurr spoilers


just got an hour or so to go till new season airs here, hoping it can go better than s4 but still looking forward to it, tad worriedly

yeah kinda bummed about this being the last jurassic content we’ll be getting for who knows how long


yep it is the last season but you can always rewatch them


It’s like the gap from Jurassic Park 3 to Jurassic World all over again

Who knows how long we’ll have to wait


Yep. Hopefully we get some more new animals besides nothosaurus. It’s also the last chance for some canon creatures to appear and old creatures to come back


Today marks the day that Season 5 of Camp Cretaceous is out on Netflix! I’m currently watching it right now, and I won’t spoil much, but I’ll just say that Nublar is involved. I suggest you watch it!

Edit: Biosyn was mentioned, I knew it!

Edit 2: Why was this moved when I’m pretty sure I started it.


thanks for the reminder. i’ll be watching it today as well.

Samina confirmed baby!!!


Thanks for reminding me! Had no idea!

No actually I’m not sarcastic

I’m at episode 6 right now. Gonna watch the rest tomorrow. Already like it more than season 4. karma got kash


i think you mean that you like it more than season 4

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Yeah sorry

finished watching all last night, was pretty good

some quick little spoiler thoughts

I really want to give toro a hug, glad kenji actually cared for toro a bit here and there, also quad spino is fun, and poor bary, and guess we get some more insight on the fallen kingdom and dominion lore


The temptation to unblur the spoiler :sob: