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Camp Cretaceous

The new Netflix series has been recently released, and it seems like a well-planned and written series with an alternative perspective of the Jurassic World movie, with the same events but different characters.

What do you all think about it? (Remember to mention SPOILER ALERT if applicable :wink:)

I’m at episode 5 right now, so far so good.


My kids (girls) are excited to watch it, they liked the trailer. I’m not sure how scary it will be for them as they are fairly young but we will try a few episodes and see how it goes. It might have to be a show they are not aloud to watch after a certain time of day, like after 5pm or so.


I really liked it. Definitely recommended.


I haven’t watched it but didn’t Colin Trevorrow say to hold no punches or something like that??

My 6 year old is a huge fan (only reason I downloaded the game originally). Any issues with him watching?

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My girls are 7,7 and 5, so far so good. There are definitely some tense moments so viewer discretion for sure. All i can say is give it a go and see how it goes, and like I mentioned before, maybe not so much before bed time haha


We watched the first 3 episodes maybe, I don’t really like it all that much, it’s a little IDK far fetched and goofy for a lack of a better word even as far as Jurassic Park/World is concerned. I don’t like any of the characters or choices they make. People would be in jail and OSHA would be busy for years with this place lol

So my career as a safety professional may make me twitch if I watch it?

You have no idea. I worked with lots of animals at a zoo for a long time and watching it had me all worked up lol

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The counselors are pretty impressive

Wow hahaha bumpy is the best! Greates dino ever! Hahah

Also I can’t think in worst baby sitter than them :joy::joy: yeah sure kids we will leave you alone in a park with killing machines, and Dinos that with one bad step will kill you, will be back in 5 minutes. Ah and if you go to the left in the kayak attraction you will be Mossasaurus food. Please don’t go out promise us :joy::joy:

I’ll leave this beauty here for your appreciation


Yeah, that part didn’t make sense to me, but I suppose they went into a restricted area or something



I did not see the Tyrannosaurus anywhere except the intro and game so that’s a bit depressing, but overall it was awesome (imo). It was basically 2015’s Jurassic World movie but animated and shown from a perspective that does not center around Claire’s nephews.

It does represent friendship well and also has some anxious scenes, such as Ben hanging onto Darius from the montrail.

I wonder what season two will offer us, because it did end on a cliffhanger. I was part expecting the gang to be around the time the Indominus and T-Rex fought, but they were busy fending off Toro so they missed that action (but got a lot more in return!)

One thing I can honestly say is that the animated Indominus scenes actually frightened me slightly, whereas in the movie I didn’t get scared at all when I went to watch it back in 2015 because the Indominus seemed so mechanical and made-up, whereas this animated series and it’s lack of oh-so-dramatic score unlike the movie actually gives off a realistic feel of the situation, you could literally feel moving in a forest with an Indominus on the loose and trying to grab a montrail with Toro chasing you.


Yeah, I actually like that they focused less on the generic JP dinos. It gives this generation something new to hold on to, and besides, they’ll probably run into Rexy at some point, later on in the series. Toro was interesting as a returning character, but I want to know how it walked away from an encounter with the Indominus seemingly without a scratch.

What I was surprised by was the lack of Apatosaurus. Also, the dinos have night-time enclosures? Interesting…

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True, but I don’t like the whole hybrid concept of the movies and games (looking at ya, Jurassic World Alive!), at Indominus and Indoraptor it was still fine but JWTG (a little bit) and JWA are very hybrid-oriented. Camp Cretaceous was a small break from the whole hybrid mess (even WITH Indominus in it, we got to see Parasaurolophus Gen 2 [lol] and so many herbivore scenes).

I may be on the Jurassic World generation’s side in terms of age but I still prefer JP and the original movies, along with the now-gone JPB. I don’t know why but I get a burst of nostalgia watching the old movies.

While they’re all technically hybrids, I get what you mean, it’s nice seeing the more traditional dinos that aren’t mutant abominations, even if they are cool-looking. At least we know that there aren’t any more hybrids on the island, so future seasons will probably give the non-hybrids a lot of screen time. I’m sure they’re not done having Darius spout Dino facts just yet.

The series also had a lot more character development than the movies, so for once (I don’t know if any of y’all will relate) I wasn’t half-rooting for the dinosaurs in the action-sequences. I would be genuinely sad if any of the kids was killed. They were definitely quite bold with how dark the series went after the halfway point, and although they didn’t kill off any main characters, I think that most people will be happy about that, since they’re actually likeable main characters by that point.

I love how Race to the Edge had so much character development outside of the movies (that sort of went out the window in HttyD 3), and this series looks like it will be similar, with both humans and dinosaurs.

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@Qaw I also loved RttE, it was one of my favourites. Definitely, CC took a dark turn midway and I am impressed at how well-written it was.

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:joy: Personally I would have just started hopping like crazy if I was Yasmina. I feel like that would be way faster.

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I’ll be honest I thought that CC would be a rip-off and just made for the sake of being made. They had my curiosity in the trailer and first episode, but now they have my entire attention.


I have the same opinion as you, while the concept of hybrids is pretty cool and all. I still do think the concept of original dinosaurs is better (like in jp).
I mean you know looking at those original dinosaurs you get to see how they would have looked irl. Its just so much to learn and understand about them. Then you look at hybrids. Okay there are cool, strong good enough concept but…
They didn’t even exist! Like take a look at indominus rex. Its not an official dinosaur. How can we learn about it? What did it ate? Where did it live? How did it live? Nothing. Look at T-rex. Okay he’s way too popular…
Look at carcharodontodaurus we know how it lived 145- 72 million years ago. We know when its fossils were discovered. We know their habitat. We know what they fed on. We know what others dinosaurs they faced. Like there just so much to learn about them. It just makes learning about those reptiles so interesting and fun. The best part is there’s always something to learn about those creatures. Something always to discover. These aren’t the same with hybrids. And that just…
Makes it a lot less interesting imo.
I am so happy that Colin Trevorrow decided to scap off the hybrid thing and decided to get back to the basics, which is probably the best decision IMO.
I want to see you again spino!!!

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