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Camp to wait the end of the tournament


Yo there… How y’all doing? All right? Cool, cool… What are your plans for today?
Me? Just chillin, you know…

Awesome a game event that makes you NOT want to play the game, ain’t it??


Loving the picture! Im camping too and catching 9 rexes from green drops. Rank 190 atm hoping its enough!


did your marshmellow burnt yet?


I thought camping was a way of getting away from electronics…

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Nope… Takes longer than I thought

Did anyone bring a rat so we can throw it in the fire?

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Its a way to get the wife of my back for playing this game too much :smiley:


I’m trying to get one but i haven’t seen one yet


Hah! My husband said the same thing to me today :joy:


No camping here… close to 4,800 and trying to get higher. I’ll stop though if I get close to Lockwood :wink:


Ehh. Chilling.


Gonna miss getting the DNA from the daily but I don’t wanna fall below 4750 so… I’m camping.


Would be nice if you could light a bonfire at 4500 trophies and breathe that sigh of relief…

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