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Campaign 1st level bug

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Bug Description:
On the first campaign level it does the tutorial where it tells me to pick the iguanodon, and then I do that, it does the cut scene with the dinosaurs walking in, and then does not give the next dialogue or prompt or anything. It just gets stuck there and I can’t click anything.

Area is was found in:
The first level of the campaign

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- start the first level
Step 2 - follow the prompts and click iguanodon

How often does it happen:
every time I try to do the level

What type of device are you using:
iPhone 8
Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

this is a picture of where I always get stuck at and can’t click anything

Hi there Corban_Hughes. I’m sorry for the trouble. This is an issue we’ve been tracking:

If you’re still having issues after a reinstall, please contact our team with your support key at Thanks!

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This bug hasn’t been resolved, I get stuck on the same screen after deleting/downloading the game. When I try to either reload or re-download the app it opens up to the same screen, on which I’m unable to click anything.

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Not resolved at all re installed multiple times same issue on galaxy s10+

Hey it did work for me today, I opened the campaign tab and the first 2 stages was marked as completed, I didn’t play them and they are disabled when you try to play, so I believe the developers just skipped those stages, just played until state 49 (lots of DNA btw) and everything else is working fine now, I also unlocked the raids as well.
So since I can’t play the first 2 stages I believe they are not working yet, not that I need to since I know how the game works, so for me it is fine.