Campaign 22.2 "special objective"

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how long I spent trying to complete this one yesterday :rofl:

Here are the bosses.

Both goats also have an OE move (lil gruff is 2x move and billy gruff is 1.5x stunning) so you can’t really even swap around them.

So here’s the issue with this one. Baryonyx and Irritator are the only 2 creatures with a Group Takedown move. That move has a 1 turn delay as well as a 2 turn cool down. You are supposed to use it 3 times in the battle and still win without losing 3 creatures. That campaign also restricts any boosts you have.

I have a fully boosted lvl 30 Bary and a lvl 26 partially boosted Irri and I have yet to be able to figure out how to complete it. I have managed to actually use GT 3 times, but I didn’t win so it didn’t count. Has anyone else figured it out? I know it’s just for coins but that’s not the point. The stubborn completionist in me wants that 2nd star :rofl::rofl:.

Lol yeah, I spent a fair amount of time doing the same and no, I was not successful.

Haha, my son has been working through completing raids, and I’ve been helping him unlock stars I didn’t do when just completing each level the first time.

I got to this one (which looks like the wording has changed to what you need to do) and am having the same trouble that I can’t do the objective and win. Not being able to swap out is the main issue, along with the delay on carrying out the move and my Dinos for this one are only lvl20. Clearly I may need to spend coin to lvl them up as it may not be possible without, but I first wanted to make sure it was actually possible.

The fact your struggling (or at least were) tells me that this is indeed very difficult!!

Anyone done it yet and care to advise how? :blush:

Thanks for any guidance….