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Campaign 75, 2.0 update

Does anyone have any team suggestions on this level of campaign? I am currently at a loss and feel the only way to beat this is to get a team to level 30 AND boost it to high heaven.

29 Magnapyritor
29 Thoradoloaur
29 Utarinex
29 Geminititan
(All opponents are boosted 5/5/5)

Based on what happens, AI will start with Gemini and then move to Thor. And that’s all I can gather so far.

Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated!

I tried again after the update with my unboosted dinos and It worked, you just need to get lucky. Sometimes It comes to a point where the AI keeps swaping all the time, though i don’t know If this was fixed. I did It just now again to see If It would work. I went with maxima 28, Tryko 29, magna 28 and Thyla 28, all unboosted.
Edit: Sorry i got confused with mission 77, but i still think I did It again unboosted.
What do you have available?

I used the same as Isaah, except boosted. Also instead of Magna, I had Mono.
I think I started with Mono and finished with Max tbh. Also I could not finish 75 on the old, only once 2.0 came along could I do it.

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I tried again the right one, after many attempts, i won using maxima, magna and tryko. For some reason mission 75 is much harder than 77 lol
I had to get lucky but It is indeed possible unboosted. You just need to try enough times. I don’t know how It would go with other dinos, it’s most likely possible, i just ended up getting lucky with this combination. But remember, the AI often changes the opener, so you might have to try many times to get the opener you need for your strategy. Many times It opened with Thor or magna for me.

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