Campaign as Daily Requirement

So what happens if we complete all the newly revamped campaign missions (starter and intermediate) but it still comes up as a daily requirements? I’m done with everything up to and including apex and only have the 4 specials and them I’m done. So then what???

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You can redo levels you’ve already beaten – win or lose, it still counts. It’s annoying, though. I hope these missions disappear once I finish getting through all these intermediate levels.


It’s an easy but annoying mission. I guess they want to push it since they probably worked hard on campaign. I get that aspect of it. Just sucks so many mission requirements are messed up.


It’s good for defense missions. It forces the slackers to at least do 3 battles more every day. I hope they stay in daily missions requirements. I haven’t completed one campaign mission since the recent release.

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At present I don’t really see an issue, I only get this once maybe twice a week & use it as a reason to progress my campaign a bit rather than bombing through it & neglecting other stuff.