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Campaign battle progress

AI gets 4 dinos and swaps at will, but I only get 3?

I have now accepted the fact that level 70 is it for me. I refuse to spend real $$$ on boosts, so my team that is good enough to get me back to Gyrosphere at times (like today) isn’t good enough to finish the campaign. Oh well, at least level 70 was good for 7 battle attempts to finish that stupid 12-battle mission that appeared again today because I didn’t complete it yesterday.


No need to use boosts to finish campaign. AI always do same moves in same situation. You just need to find right combination.

Finished lvl 72 with unboosted team. Thor 29, Tryko, Erli and Indo all lvl 28. Video is in [Gameplay] Gameplay Videos.

Needed to boost Thor health for Lord in last one though. Just didn’t want to wait a month to lvl Thor to lvl 30.

EDIT: Will add video here as it will get lost in that thread when will be epic strike.


At least it’s possible to beat it without boosts. I don’t plan on boosting anytime soon

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That gives me hope. I have a level 30 unboosted Thor, boosted L28 Tryko, boosted L30 Indoraptor, and my unboosted Erlidominus will be 27 when I get the coins. My unboosted Magna just got to 26, but it didn’t have enough oomph to help much.


I faced lvl 70+ after the boost reset and before the correction with a team of level 28s, only his majesty has halted me. It is doable, you can win, I have faith


It’s definitely doable after they adjusted 72 campaign. Though for 73 and Lord, Thor needs 5105 hp to survive Lord IR (5058 damage). Tryko lvl 28 can survive IR crit, cause of armor.

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My unboosted Thor just happens to be 5105 HP, so now all I need to do is level up my Erlidom and maybe one other if I can’t get her to 28 soon. She’s only ready for 27 as of now.

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Yeah, checked it yesterday that lvl 30 Thor can do it against Lord. Though I’m almost out of Sino so there is no chance that I could get it to lvl 30 soon, that’s why I decided to boost its health to tier 2. Though against Lord Erli is basically useless. Tryko (DSS), Indo (Evasive, DSR) and Thor (DSI crit) did 73. Though no Lord crits against Indo and one dodge and one crit from any of three is required for a win.

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I’m guessing dodge has to be timed just right, as the Lord Lythronax I fought on April Fools Day had a nullifying move. I won that one on the first attempt with an overleveled Allosaurus and who knows what else. If Thor existed back then maybe I used it too. I know I used the rat for the final move.

Yeah, order Tryko, Indo, Thor did it. Lord always goes IR, DSR, Nullify as IR has two turn cooldown, then IR again. So Tryko or first doesn’t matter. Indo always must go second, if it’s not faster, to dodge DSR and can release DSR after Nullify. Lvl 28 Indo survives with less than 100 hp to hit Lord with DSR.

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I just retried the Campaign battle a few times. It is definitely a lot harder than when we had T7. Beat it with Trkyo 26, Thor 28, Erlidom 27 in that order. My dinos are only minimally boosted and all slower. RNG and AI’s lead dino definitely mattered. I think like Imre said, if you keep trying you will find a way to beat the AI’s move selection.

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(on your top row) Replace Spinotosuchus for Suchotator, lower the levels to 28, and you get the team I beat lvls 72 and 73 with. No money spent on boosts, only what you get from playing the game. And sucho is without any boosts.
So as others have said, you need to find the right combination, it’s definitely beatable.

I can’t beat level 69 for some reason. They keep changing up the move sets. 2 vs 2. And you need dinos 26+ to play, only dinos I have at that level or higher are suchotater, indoraptor, stegodeus and Thor. Not sure why I’m having such a problem with it.

I’m sorry. I went on a post deleting rampage last night because the usual weekend losing streak had me more upset than usual because I knew that the daily boost sales contributed to it. Anyway, I beat levels 70 and 71 a few days ago. Going from memory, I started with L27 unboosted Erlidom and killed Geminititan with a cloaked rampage. I think I then used L28 3-4-1 boosted Ardentismaxima and/or L30 unboosted Thor to finish level 70. L30 1-2-3 boosted Indoraptor may have been used as well, but I’m not positive.

For 71 I started with Thor, then when he died I brought out unboosted L30 Suchotator to bleed Quetzorion and take it out with Superiority Strike.

I haven’t attempted 72 yet.

Screenshot_20200112-180115_JW Alive

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You change starting dinos and play them in different order?

From my experiences they act in same way in same situations.

Yup ! That’s why I’m having such a tough time defeating level 69, they’ll switch up sending out erlikospyx and indo gen 2 first. And they do different move sets every time.

On 72 I saw that AI always reacted with same dino and same move order against my dino. If I changed my starting dino, their dino changed also moves used. Try to find a pattern in their moves.


I literally just beat 72!

I’ve been stuck on it for a while. I went in there to fail some battles to help with the alliance missions. Then I realized I might have a chance. I ended up beating it on the first try.

Unbelievable & Unboosted!

I just maxed Utasinoraptor. I just leveled Tenontorex up 1 level. I just leveled Maxima up to 28. I believe those were the changing variables. Plus a little luck.


Congrats! :muscle: I can’t wait until I’m done leveling my Utarinex so I can max out my Utasino too! I have 7374 Sino DNA and 96495 Utahraptor DNA, but I’m limited by the lack of rare Dracorex.

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Thanks! I will try that

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