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Campaign battles work for missions?

Do Campaign mission battles count toward our weekly battles in Alliance missions? I didn’t think they did, but maybe somebody knows.
Our alliance needs to play 2000 battles, and I was hoping Campaign would work.

They count until you beat them. So you can continue to loose to them as much as you like. Its a great way to farm for battles without worrying about trophy counts. I’m pretty sure the final mission against lord lythronax does not count the same way.

That may not be the case for much longer once Ludia realise this!

i think they should count regardless if you win or not. it is still a battle that you are doing. And they work better than friendlies currently.

The problem for Ludia is how many people find ways around battling in the arena.

They need payers in the arena to keep it interesting and to stop crazy waiting times, but I fully agree with you.

I asked about whether battles during tournaments count as our alliance struggled a bit last week to hit the 2000 battles. It seems they do.