Campaign C19 #3

I have tried to do campaign course 19 lvl 3 unique test and it is saying I need to use megaloceros and megalogaia for the star.
Does this mean I can only use those 2?!
If so what lvl have people had to lvl up those dinos too?

You can still complete the Champaign level with other creatures and get the DNA. It is only saying that you have to have those 2 creatures on your team to get the star. To get the DNA you can just wi the battle normally.

Right so I have to complete it with just those 2 creatures? Can anyone confirm? It’s just for the starter star and can’t believe I’m meant to beat 3 uniques with those 2 on their own and nothing else?

You have to with just those 2 creatures in your loadout to get the special objective (personally I wouldn’t do it since you just get a small amount of coin and a star that doesn’t really do anything)

Yeh that’s what I thought but it won’t let me unlock lvl 20 without completing all starter? Before

In all seriousness though, has anyone actually done this?

If so, what level where your dinos, any boosts and how did you do it?

Scorpios rex Gen 3 is just obnoxious for this battle. Starting with toxic quills to instantly kill the first Dino, then rampage for the second….

The completionist in me must get all the stars, but this is one of a few I can not do yet. I will save the coin to level up the dinos eventually but there is no point if they still can’t do it.