Campaign Common Test Level 2 Intermediate

I’m really struggling with this. I’ve searched everywhere and there’s nothing to help. It says I need to take less than 1000 damage but it’s impossible! I win everytime but just can’t take less than 1000 damage. Could someone please help me out? What’s the best way to do this challenge?

The opponents are Level 8 Diplocaulus, Brontotherium and Amphicyon.

What team do you have?

I’ve been trying multiple different teams, but none seeks to work.

Yeah tough one this. I can’t quite nail it either :frowning:

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Get the creature that is fastest of them all

Also a problem here. I’m interested in a non-boosted solution…

Stygimoloch: Shielding Strike then Instant Charge then Impact and Run( kill Bronthotherium) swap to Erlikogamma: Precise Pounce( kill Diplocaulus) then Strike and Run swap to Woolly Rhino( kill Amphicyon)

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Erlikogamma into Rhino did the trick for me. Gamma 2 shot the first creature while only taking 700ish damage. Actually, Bronto crit and it was 900 lol. Then impact on the 2nd creature to kill it and then strike and run into Rhino on the 3rd.

Nailed it. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. I’ll try that now.