Campaign Common Test Level 4 Starter

I’m really struggling with this one, too. The special objective is to have the Dimorphodon deal atleast 2500 damage. This is practically impossible. Like the last one, I win, but I just can’t seem to get the Dimorphodon to deal 2500 damage. Do I need to give it boosts? I wasted money levelling it up to 19.

I did it unboosted. Kill the first 2 enemies with a different dino, let that be taken out. Then use the dimorph to get the last kill. The AI will keep swapping and healing and you’ll get the 2500 damage before taking one out. Only use basic attack and don’t use bleed


Thanks! I’ll try that.

I did it with that method a while ago tried to do it for my wife it isn’t working croc keeps starting out with bleed or it’s not registering it when I know I’ve actually done it :roll_eyes: