Campaign course 19 beginner strategy

Ok so I have not been able to find any kind of strat or walkthrough for this course to get the star, which requires using only 2 cunning creatures. To set the stage, you are facing a lvl 23 Ardentismaxima ( H:5046 ,A:1026, S:111) and a lvl 23 Quetzorion (H:3851, A:1416, S:132).
I think I have come up with a pretty consistent means of winning and getting the star. My team consists of a lvl 24 Utarinex, and a lvl 21 Erlikospyx, no boosts.

I’ve played though multiple time and win about 8/10 times.

The AI seems to like starting with Ardentis, I open with erliks using revenge distracting impact to cut Ardentis slowing rampages damage followed by instant distraction to block the following Taunt shattering rampage. At this point the AI favors switching out for Quetz, getting the swap in dodge as a bonus. The speed reduction on Erliko has worn off at this time so a precise pounce will cut quetzs attack and knock it’s hp down over half. Quetz is faster at this point so use instant distraction to block any damage, about here erliko is gonna fall, so onto utahrinex. stun and distract is gonna be the play from here on, at some point the AI is gonna change back to ardentis, if you didn’t get lucky with a crit in the early stage, it should be almost always be a 1-hit ko. then just keep distracting and instant stunning to the end. hope it helps anyone who has been stuck there.