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Campaign dinos

First time poster. Can’t find if this has been discussed. I FINALLY got a second Dino to level 26 a few days after the latest update. Have the dinos in the campaign been reset? They are literally impossible now with my current team. I’m stuck on level 70. Pretty sure I would’ve had no problem with my pre-1.10 updated team. They need to readjust the campaign to the newer stat boosts. Maybe they have and the campaign is just really difficult. Any thoughts?


Get ready for the boost haters because they are going to hound you for wanting things easier.


Yeah, maybe it would have been easier prior the boost reset, but at least for the last two stages in the campaign you will need at least 4 lvl 28 dinos, though… There would have been the end for you anyway.
For myself I can only say, the boosts helped me in the campaign to finish it before the reset, so I am a lucky one :smiley:
But on the other hand, this is a new challenge and gets close to what the game was before boosts were introduced. There was everything about planning and tactics to handle those AI fights like the campaign or highlevel striketower.


I’ve been stuck on the second to last campaign mission since campaign started. The one that requires 4 lvl 28’s. The boosts on ai have been adjusted since the update. The all 160+ speed team is now only 140+ speed but it’s equally as difficult as before. Not any team of 28’s will win, it will take some real monsters to get past this part.

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Just means it takes a bit longer for you to “finish” the game, if this is one of your goals :slight_smile:
I don’t mind. I was very close to 4 level 28s before the update, but now the end battle seems like a distant achievement.

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Are people doing the campaign?

Are their any rewards?

Why should I do it?

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The rewards are great. But you can only get them once.


Like dna or coins or cash?

Or all…?

High amount?

Different stages have different rewards. But all stages award dna of I remember correctly

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I try it out.


Careful though. Your opponents are boosted and smarter than your regular ai.

@Ben_West, lol first time poster so hopefully everyone will be kind! I actually like the new boost system - or would be fine with no boosts at all. I just want a fair fight! Would like them to readjust the dinos so it’s at least possible to defeat - with good planning and strategy

@Dankysaurus, ah, ok! If they have been readjusted then I’m satisfied. Was just looking for a fair fight!

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No need to be careful, there’s no downside to losing, there’s only the upside of knowing what you face. If you lose, change your team based on what you faced and eventually you’ll win.

@Tielenaar Ha yes, not sure I’ll be able to manage with the new update! Still enjoying it though - and reminding myself that every defeat still counts towards number of battles played!

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@BlackBeard, absolutely! It’s not as fun if the defeat is a slam dunk. Fully agree!

I’m exactly the same. I was stuck on 69 for ages because I only had 1 dino 26+. Since 1.10 I have now got a second dino at 26, passed lvl 69 and now stuck on 70 and I can’t get through it. Often I get down to one hit left, but because my dinos are slower I lose.

I’ve also noticed that the AI will change moves depending on what you do, it’s like it is programmed to make you fail. For example, if the AI starts with Thor, if I get 2 hits on it and I survive then my 3rd hit kills it because it doesn’t use its priority move. However, if I mix it up and use a different dino, I hit it twice, survive, then 3rd time it uses priority move and kills me. I try it again, exact same thing happens.

I then switch back to the dinos I used first time… on the 3rd move Thor doesn’t use priority move. It’s rigged I tell ya.

@GPx, exactly!! It’s not like the incubator challenges where they do the same move set each time. It’s a very intelligent AI. And cloaking almost never works - which feels a bit unfair.

What team you have? I’m trying to lvl up Erli, Tryko, Indo to 28, while Thor is 28. Hope that soon can try it.:grin:


This really should be adjusted since boosts were reset. I made it to the end beforehand, but out of curiosity just tried mission 72 again and barely took down one dino :joy:

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