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Campaign dinos

This is how I do it, and this is 90% of the time the result that I get.

Erli - 23
Utarinex - 25
Thor - 26

All of them are boosted to some degree.

Erli goes first and I cloak against Thor. Usually cloak works and then I rampage Thor dead.

Erli dies to Magna.

Utarinex uses distraction attack against Magna, then priority stun on second move. Utarinex is dead whilst Magna is left on approx 480 HP.

I bring in Thor. I use the 1.5x attack on Thor but the AI always switches to Gemini. Now this is the bit that frustrates me. I get the free 1.5x hit on swap, then I get the 2x hit whilst Gemini knocks me down to about 500 HP. I then do the 1.5x hit again as Gemini uses priority distraction.

I then use priority stun to kill Gemini and AI then brings out the Magna with 480 HP, and it kills my Thor.

What I have been hoping for is the last part to go like this…
Thor 1.5x on swap to get critical.
Thor 2x to get critical.
Thor 1.5x get critical (although haven’t worked out if the 3rd crit is necessary but that is the priority distraction turn.

Then I want to see if it brings out Magna again so I can priority stun.

Now we all know how Thor has 40% crit chance, and we all know how often we’ve all seen Thors crit 3 times in a row. But this campaign level NEVER allows my Thor to crit 3 times in a row. I’ve done the level 70 more than 50 times and it never crits 3 times in a row.

You go to the battle arena and play against another person and you’ll find either your Thor or theirs crits like there’s no tomorrow.

Now I know I basically need to level up my dinos more or boost them more, but the number of times i’ve done this level to get to one hit remaining all because the game doesn’t give me the crits which I feel is on purpose it’s rather frustrating how the AI is programmed more than the stupid AI in the battle arena.

I used 28 tryostronix, erlidom, dracosera, and Thor, heavily boosted in 1.0. I have since replaced tryostronix with a 28 tryko… all unboosted in 2.0… yet I can only knock out 1 creature. It’s tough!!

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I just tried a few more times and almost killed two once. I would be impressed if someone can beat it. Smilo is impossible, 28 Tryko’s counter is not helpful at all. I tried these in different combos 28 Tryko, 30 Indom, 30 Tenonto, 30 Thor, 30 Megalo, 29 Rinex, 30 Steg and 29 Tryo.

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Glad I’m not alone! It’s going to take a very long time to get my dinos to where they are even close to being able to compete with these campaign beasts - especially if I can only get 100 boosts/week max.

@kodiakhunter, thanks for doing that! What about level 70? I’m stuck on 70 but wondering if I’d be successful with higher level dinos (as opposed to heavily boosted dinos). I currently have a pretty good team, but mostly level 24-25 with a 26 Thor and erliko.

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I just tried and was 162 away from beating all three so I think it is definately possible.
Being faster and being able to distract will definitely help.
Edit I just tried again and you may need some higher level creatures :confused:

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Thank you so much for your help! Really appreciate it. Guess I’ll be out hunting for more dinos :wink:

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AMAZING rewards!

What a unspected treasure !!

If people haven’t done this — Go and make it!!

And aswell Epic incubators!
A LOT of coins!

Best of the Day!

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I am on step 31. Doing them slowly as I need battles or the alliance needs some quick DNA/coins.


Woooo it worked finally!

Thor got a crit on both the first 2 hits on Gemini which killed it. Then it brought out the Magna that only had 824 HP remaining. I used priority stun and it swapped to Utarinex. The stun worked giving me the final move to which it swapped back to Magna and I won.



Soon I will understand your feeling!

Congrats!! Going to try your strategy.

Well… Me too.

It’s really hard :joy::laughing:

i’m unboosted and i cannot beat level 70. i just assume that i will not beat the campaign because i don’t use boost.

in my opinion it’s pretty lame that the game forces you to have to use boost to beat the campaign. if a user is unboosted, you should have an equal level of difficulty without boosted dinos to have a chance at completing it.

The end stages give you legendary and unique DNA, so def do it.

Stuck at lvl 72 cant beat the unbeatebel. Its a cheet lvl the dinos are boostet heavy and even if it appers your team is faster it wont be.

Even a boostet lvl 30 Erlidom Will get 1 shoot in that lvl i manedge too get 2 down with 30 tryko, 30 Erlidom, 30 mono and a 29 Thor but the thing is that even it stats is like 140 speed and yours is 142 then when you enter the battel its sudenly 146 in speed :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

so no matter whut you have unless you max out the entire team ( spend gasillions of money on hardcash for boosts ) they will outspeed you, out damadge you health you out . Im not even sure that would bee enorf seams like ludia dont want us too finnish the last 2 lvl . My Erlidom is speed boostet then did a min. speed up strike the nekst dino that came out was faster like it just took 5 tiers too speed :fearful: so im done trying :upside_down_face: