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Campaign dodge mechanics

I’m on level 69 and I am officially stuck. Everything terrible about the campaign has culminated in the single most infuriating stage yet. Firstly there’s the arbitrary level limit; only level 26+ allowed. One does have to wonder why, since levels are almost irrelevant in this game of paid for stat boosts, and if I could win with a lower level dino despite the lower stats then why shouldnt I be allowed to? But I digress; I have only 3 dinos at the required level, and most others a long way off. I have worked out a strategy that could feasibly work for me; it only requires that I hit Indoraptor Gen 2 through a dodge once. Just once. That’s all I need. I have tried this battle over 30 times. And it has dodged. Every. Single. One. There is no way my luck is this bad. It seems that in addition to a ridiculous progression wall and insane boosts piled onto the campaign dinos, Ludia decided that the dino with the most broken basic in the game also needed broken rng mechanics in its favour as well. Because apparently Ludia thinks this is fair.

Suffice to say; I would quite happily go into great detail about my opinions on Ludia but alas the forums cencorship wont allow me. Feel free to use your imaginations.

Well, apparently it is.
You’d need an absolutely massive sample size to even begin to refute the promised 75%.
How many times would you say the Indo G2 dodged per battle?

You can’t complete the campaign without having at least 4 dinos at level 28. You really shouldn’t get upset at not passing the level you are at, you just aren’t ready to do so yet, that’s all. I sat on level 72 from the first week campaign was put it game all the way until last week.

I don’t even know how I made it past level 71. My phorusaura helped a lot though
No boosts L29 ardentis, and L30 phorusaura with 1914 damage and 132 speed