Campaign glitch from previous update - till now

So there’s this glitch in campaign when the opponent randomly loses his move:

In the first pic, its when the Stygy comes in and now its the first turn. The second pic is after the first move, when I deal dmg and stygy does nothing
I have noticed it happens frequently when the opponent’s creature gets knocked out and another one comes in.

This took long enough to post. I’ve taken a gazillion screenshots of the glitch lol.

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Hi @SmilodonTroodon, we’ll let the team know. Thanks!

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Don’t know if this was said to you already but the complete opposite glitch would happen sometimes where the campaign opponent does a move that has a delay as their turn 1 (mortem going for her rampage as soon as it comes out)

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Sorry @Breona , going a little off topic here but there’s another glitch I forgot to mention:

Also from the last update:

So this glitch I think has been existing for some time since the last update. As you can see, the first I got Utah 200 DNA, and the second when I wanted to collect, 100. I thought this glitch had ceased to exist :confounded:

I believe all my requests have been halved now.

image :laughing:

Off to report! :saluting_face:


Hey @SmilodonTroodon, if you would write to support with all this info and your support key,, for further troubleshooting that would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

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Ahha, a month later and I’ve submitted to support :sweat_smile: Really sorry for the delay, I also took the chance to write along another glitch concerning battle animation in Jurassic World The Game that I’ve been procrastinating since last year.

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