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Campaign is like fixing a leak with duct tape

Today I made a mistake or, like people say nowadays, tifu by reinstalling the game since campaign sounded like fun and I had hope that after like 2-3 months of not playing JWA, maybe, just maybe, the devs adressed some issues this game has.

Campaign is actually quite a bit of fun. It’s a brief pleasure, since it will take you like 1 hour at most to get to the point where 99% of players won’t even be able to try their luck, but in this hour you get cool stuff and make more progress than by playing this game for weeks. That’s quite cool.

After finishing the campaign, which I in my case means fightling till 70something, I fought a few battles. And what can I say? Nothing has changed. You still face opponents way above your level. And now they are even insanely high boosted. And if you manage to make smart moves there will always be a Dracorex or a Thor who make it a loss. Whoever came up with boosts and draco probably had instant promotion by the devil lol.

After losing 10 matches without having a slight chance I rolled my eyes and deleated the game again. Can’t even blame Ludia for being a fool. They do what they to best and trick people into addiction. Money is everything, isn’t it lol?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So, with this being said, don’t be the fool I was and expect Ludia to make this a good game.


That Vass reference though.
They should really balance Arena matchmaking.
I have only 2 legendaries and I get into fights with Thoradolosaurs,Trykosaurus and Erlidom.
Obviously my team is all lvl 15+ but are within lvl 19 and they get destroyed.
The campaign is fun and they should add different campaigns on festivals and etc.

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I think the Arena has become a lot more balanced now. Finally it seems like players are fitting into where they should be (boosts included).

I’ve had a resurgence of vastly lower level teams stomping me because they’re further boosted than mine, and most of my squad are Tier 7 across the board (with some tier 6 mixed in). Love seeing my level 30s getting murked by level 25 and 24s lol. Not so fond of this game these days.

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thx ludia

I’m stuck at 67. I don’t have anything lv 24 at the moment.

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