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Campaign is now too hard?

Following the recent update we seem to forget one thing. To beat lvl 72 and 73 of the campaign it took 4 VERY good dinosaurs boosted to tier 6/6/6 or 7/7/7. Sometimes even this wasn’t enough. With the new boost system is it even possible to build a team of 4 that will beat the campaign? So what about those players who didn’t complete the campaign before the update?

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Since the update and all the boost were reset, my dinos went to sleep! Even with evolving them to lvl 22, they only have a health of 2200 now. Battles were tough for me with the boost, now I loose 3 dinos trying to beat a lvl 19 dino. Forget about the campaign battles for me, lol.

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Oh God I didn’t even think of the campaign!!! NOOOOOOO