Campaign known bugs list

Is there a report of all the obvious known bugs with the new campaigns where required creature(s) for the stars cannot be selected or filtered and schedule for fixes of each?

Example: Course 5 Precision, stage 3, STARTER → use this ability 2 times: RENDING COUNTER-ATTACK but none of the creature with this ability are selectable.

There are so many such stages that are not possible to attain the stars. I had reported a few when this major update was first released but all I had got from Ludia support agent was that they are aware of them and will pass to dev them to fix/update. There has been an update since then but still not fixes or updates on when the fix will be scheduled.

Hey there, THX911. I don’t have a complete list but please rest assured that our team is still looking into the Campaign requirements. :mag:

If you notice any new discrepancies, please do not hesitate to continue reporting them to our team at It would really help our team out with their investigation.

Thank you!

3/5 of these moves aren’t available to the playable creatures in game


Out Of The Blue is the blue boss ability, Instant Precise Pounce might come 2.14. Pounce doesn’t exist anymore.