Campaign Level 9

at stage 9 of fierce campaign mode i have confusion. why is my triceratops gen 2 not able to break armor? also is there other armor pierce abilities that i can use? what dinosaur?

I presume your talking about the trikes swap n stun thing, and theoretically all the swap in stuns that do damage should pierce through armor. I think this includes trike, trikeG2, whooly rhino, monolonorhino, stegoceratops, and monostegatops. Don’t know why ur G2 trike won’t pierce armor with its swap in ability… idk whats in that campaign thing so I can’t provide much help with that

use t. rex

yeah, just use fierce creatures, they pretty much all can pierce armor or do something else like bleed or have good counter or something

they did not show my allosaurus

Use a pure fierce instead like Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus etc

Ohhhhhhh, that campaign level, it has to have armor piercing, allo doesn’t have that, allo has defense shattering