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Campaign missions

Since the boosts rework, is it even possible to win the last few campaign missions ( 72-73).
We players got our boostsreset but those dino’s still remain thé same ( all with speedboost over 140!!!)

Has anybody been able to defeat these after thé boostrework?

No I’m on the last two myself i think the 28,s I’ve got are not the best 4 for the task and they are my only 28,s and only one of them is lightly Boosted My Indoraptor as its in my team, I’ve spread what I had back on 7 of my 8 it would take me a long while to get any of my others up to 28, My 28,s are Indoraptor, Thor, Stegodeus, and Tragodistis as I said all unboosted bar Indo. As long as they don’t get rid of the campaigns or extend it (which I wouldn’t mind cool rewards)I’ll eventually do it in a few thousand years :joy:

This came up in another thread and I think it needs to be reworked. I beat 72 and 73 prior to the reset and tried 72 many times after. I almost took 2 down once, but no chance of taking down 3.

Luckily, I made lots of progress in campaign before boosts 2.0. I am in the last area now. Would continue, but need Lvl 22 Dino for the next fight.

I don’t want to use boosts but without them, my level 24 Thor just can’t beat Tenontorex with it’s boosts. Even if I get two crits with DSI and IC, it still leaves Tenontorex with just a sliver of health. Time to level up Thor again, or level something else worthwhile.