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Recently i came across a problem with a level with tenotorex.i boosted my indominus to 115 speed at lvl 26 so there should be a speed tie.Instead i see this:
So there SHOULD be a speed it because it’s a Unique?honestly i dont know

I beat it with a lvl 24 boosted Indoraptor (the key is dodge AFTER it does it’s Resilient Strike and pray it doesn’t hit past your dodge)

Um…i have already beaten tenrex with a lvl 25 sucho but thx for advice anyway.i was curious how well would indominus do against tenrex

The tenrex went first because it’s base speed was higher than indom’s. If 2 boosted dinos have a speed tie, the one with higher base speed goes first.

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Really?well then this is sad🥲 and thx for explanation

That’s good to know. Somehow I was under the impression that with the same speed, the rarer tier attacks first.

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I’m pretty sure that’s how it works if their lvl and base speed are the same.

This. Tenrex goes first because it’s unique and inDom is just legendary


That’s not how it works. Tenrex goes first in this situation because it’s a Unique. Speed priority is as follows:

  1. Highest speed goes first
  2. If same speed, highest level goes first
  3. If same speed and level, highest rarity goes first
  4. If same speed, level, and rarity, a speed tie occurs

With the same speed it’s level > tier > whomever clicks faster

Highest base speed is also somewhere on that list. It’s one of the loading screen battle tips.

This would make sense against AI where you can’t really have a click tiebreaker. Didn’t know that tho, thx for sharing

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To make it simple, I put a couple of Lighting Bolts in my team :zap:

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Highest base speed goes between highest speed and highest level, I know that it works like this from expirience, and this loading screen tip backs it up too.Screenshot_20210310-093944_JW Alive


it is bc it is a higher rarity

Interesting, I haven’t seen that tip before. Good to know.

It’s because it is unique and yours is legendary.

No it’s rarity. If same level same boosts highest rarity goes first

Rarity matters too. Since indom is a lower rarity, the Tenrex wins the speed match up

The higher rarity goes first of both dinos are the same speed and level