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Campaign should reset each month

I believe EVERYONE thinks campaign is (or was) absolutely brilliant. The difference in dinos, having to use different skills, using creatures I may not use normally etc etc and the rewards were amazing. However, like some things in game (looking at you alliance rewards) it seems like a set and forget feature.

Personally I would like to see campaign reset each month with different themes that feature or require different creatures e.g. I don’t recall facing any flyers or using a stegosaur.

However, if a monthly reset was the case I would argue a nerf to the rewards as giving away 100s of unique and legendary DNA is a bit OTT.



I just think new sections should be added each new update to continue it but that there shouldn’t be team level requirements. If you want to try your luck, you should be able to.


No level would be a good idea. Bring back strike tower plans, those days were the best


The rewards were very good, probably too good to give more than once and the missions can all be redone. I think it might be a bit too much to ask for them to reset but I can see them adding new “chapters” to it eventually. Remember that it was clearly designed for new players and not the people who could get through it easily in a few hours.


No thanks. I will have hard time to lvl 4 dinos to lvl 28 in a month. Many other players are miles away from lvl 28 dinos.

I don’t wan’t any reset, as I have no intention to go through whole boring process until few last steps more than once.


Maybe we could have themed ‘mini-campaigns’ every now and again? Like for the month of October we could have something spooky? Maybe for November we can hunt turkeys, meaning the Elriksaurus family? And for December? I dunno, Lord Lythronax has stolen everyone’s presents?

And so on and so forth.


Well first of all they need to remove level restriction so everyone can get chance and also think of strategies to defeat those high lvl and boosted dinos.

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I didn’t know they could be redone pity you don’t get any rewards as soon as I seen your comment I went on it because I was so disappointed when it finished maybe as someone said change the rewards drop them a bit every time you re do it

Everything good but the lvl 28 and up dinos. At the end. Mine are 25 - 27

Says suggested dino level 26-30 too like wtf?

I could see a scaled coin reward for a 2nd time through but beyond that it would be too easily abused