Campaign Special Objective problem

I am going through the campaign battles to collect any stars I have missed and on Course 4 - Armor Piercing - Stage 3 - Starter there is a special objective requiring me to swap Koolasuchus Gen 2 with Velociraptor. Not a problem. I have both of those. But when I scroll through the “eligible” creatures to select for the fight they don’t appear. How am I supposed to get this completed if it won’t allow me to select the creatures required for the completion?

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Honestly don’t know… They change the rules for the list of eligible creatures every update for some reason. Last updates switch wasn’t too bad but it’s still annoying. They have made it so some of the original missions are impossible because of the eligibility

For the first slot you have to select your creature based on eligibility. After that you can select whatever creature you want for the second and third.


Yes. That did it for me! Thank you.

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