Campaign Swap-out - T-Rex Troubles


I’ve been stuck for several weeks trying to get through Campaign course 18 - swap out, the intermediate challenge of ‘only have T-Rex on your team.’

I’ve upgraded my T-Rex as much as I can, but there seems to be a restriction on its numbers, (health etc) as they show in orange and will not advance no matter how much I spend on boosts.

Meanwhile the crappy rare opponents just distracts me and / or outspeed me until i’m dead, even removing the T-Rex’s critical hit ability.


Probably another impossible campaign mission. There’s a few of those

Haven’t passed it either. I think the T-Rex needs to be close to lvl 30 regardless of boosts just to have a chance.

managed to pass it first try with some luck, move order was

  1. fierce impact on Stegocera
  2. fierce strike to predict instant distract
  3. fierce rampage on Diplo
  4. fierce strike for ID again
  5. fierce rampage

hope that helps :t_rex: :t_rex:


Interesting Unicorn - I literally must’ve tried every combination - there’s only 3 to choose from!

In your scenario diplo features in the 2nd round - does this mean you’re 1-shotting stego on the first round?!

What level is your T-Rex?