With the pandemic causing lockdowns around the world again, seems like the perfect opportunity to build out the campaign further as a way to keep player base both safe and engaged…

Could also be a good way to dish out some dna from the new proximity spawn set for those who can’t get out at all.



Also, please remove the level requirements for campaign scenarios. They really are not needed.


so like how u need a level 16 -and runner to do prowess pt 2??


Yeah. If a player wants to try and higher level scenario why can’t they try with what they have?


I am still stuck on that Indoraptor campaign battle, I really do think the lvl requirements for campaign battles should be removed!

Lol I know exactly what they are going to do, the next set of campaign missions are going to be restricted to apex creatures only lol. What’s harder to get then a level 30? An Apex :laughing:. Up until it requires us to have level 30 apexes lol. I could definitely do this with my lvl 27 Mortem Rex though, haha.


I am currently stuck because of the stupid level requirements and every time I have enough I can do a couple battles that aren’t even that hard and then I have to wait AGAIN, please remove this. It is silly and unnecessary