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Campaing Mission 82

Can someone confirm the opponents for mission 82 are Indom G2, Indo G2, Yoshi and Ardonto?
The rewards suggest that, but can’t get there yet, I have only one 29+ creature.

I see a picture with an Ardonto in the new campaign so I guess there is the same dinos to fight and get’s the rewards like in all battle in the campaign. Good luck with Indog2 lol

Ardonto comes first, then Indom G2 and then Indo G2.

Just to clarify: to enter that battle, you’ll be needing 4 level 30 creatures.

Ooo man, it may be along time before I can do that one… 1 have only 1 creature at 27 the rest are 25 or below…yikes

What does chapter 10 look like anyway?

Oh, did not know that, thanks for the clarification.
The rewards does not seem to justify the coins and grinding it will require for me to get to 4 lvl 30 creatures anytime soon. I am fine with that though, I did the grinding for the original campaign completion, I am satisfied with that.

For me its always Indom G2 first.

Starter is random. At least Indom2 and Procerato can start, maybe all.

I took them down after a few tries with a crappy team - my 4 only L30s😆 Erlidom, Thor, Dracocera and Monosteg. Only lightly boosted.