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Campaing mission lvl 72 - Opponent boosts

I know that you face 4 lvl 30 dinos on Campaing mission 72, but what are their boosts sitting at for Boosts 2.0?
I don’t have 4 creatures at lvl 28+ myself to check, so I’d appreciate it if someone would.

I am also working on the 4 lv 28+ creatures currently. 1 lv 28 and 3 at lv 27.

But if you are waiting for this you can check the stats already if you have already completed all campaigns before that

Yeah you are right.
They seem to be 8/8/8, if I am not mistaken.

So, Utarinex now is 5470 / 2261 / 142

Magapyritor is 5470 / 2042 / 144

The others I can’t see because before the reset of boosts I was able to beat the level and now I cannot anymore.

So, yes, the campaign is harder now