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Campfire week

Next week is the cool looking campfire week it looks interesting

Be sure to write in the comment section below what creature will you be darting this week I am going for Bumpy, Allosaurus gen 2 and Alloraptor and yes Allosaurus gen 2 is the epic strike on Friday :heart_eyes:


I’m going for Amphicyon, Entelodon, Titanoboa and Carboceratops.

This week is really nice for me!


It’s not 2 attempt when we got 3 different legendaries normally?

Going for phoura,lion,boa,and boa

No it always has been 1 attempt for legendary’s and unique’s

Only need Bumpy specifically this week.


Commons - dart whats near
Rare - Nasuto
Epic - Boa
Legendary - carboceratops

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Yay more people are now darting boa!
Good luck to you all with its erratic movements


That’s an understatement.

I pray for everyone’s sanity when darting boa.


I will be darting commons: purasaurus gen2, rares: marsupial lion, epics: mixture of everything and the legendaries: alloraptor or carboceratops

I’m confused by just one attempt on the legendaries I would thought 2 attempts max

Was tempted to go for allo but I have 2k allorap on stand by for its possible unqiue :joy:
Yeah love snake events but hate darting them.

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Usually 2 or more for special special events, holidays, ceremonies, anniversaries, etc

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Darting the sneks chips away at my soul as a reptile nerd who’s been studying irl snek movements
But good luck lol

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As much as I want dilophoboa, I really don’t like darting it. That man gonna be tough to dart again…

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I’ll be darting the sneks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Do you have the snake maxed was just wondering?
Quess your hyped for Hydraboa today?
Dumb question :rofl: to ask

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Common: Nothing
Rare: Nasuto because it’s exclusive and I feel Testacornibus is going to become a very reliable option
Epic: 6 Titanoboa and 3 Allo Gen 2
Legendary: Dilophoboa

Is my spinocon maxed?..

No… :sweat: :sob:

Since I can’t access my account for some reason, my spinocon may be forever stuck at 26, but I do think I remember the boost layout, 1250 attack, 140 speed, rest health

Hope to either get my account back or start a new one eventually. However about the apex boa, of course I’m hyped for hydraboa!!! Ots an apex snake, this guy’s on my dream team

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Oh thats sucks man hope you get your account back soon.

Yeah was a silly question about the apex :joy: