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Campfire week

nasuroceratops, bumpy, allo gen2 nd alloraptor for me

I would rather darting boa than a running Wolly Rhino :joy:

why is it not 3 attempts

I going for the snakes what to level up and Titanboa is never to find so that’s why.

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I think it’s always 2

Probably because it’s not that big of a special event like a holiday or anniversary

The boa is the worst thing to dart in the game. The snake starts spazing around and its so unsnakelike :rofl:


I’m going Allosaurus Gen 2 and Alloraptor there, after Tuoramoloch I’ll take a slight break from working towards Uniques and work towards unlocking Alloraptor. This event would really help a lot.

thats my exact plan

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The picture is funny


Titanoboa!!! By the end of the week that means I can get it to level 27!

I’ll also probably go for Carbot because of the new testacornibus buff. It’s great to see all these exclusive options so in all I think it’s a great week.


It’s easier to get that DNA from sanctuary!

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They should bring out more themed scents to the week’s events, and they bore with creature scents every week, bring out new ones.

Should be a wallpaper

I know, it’s horrendous :sob:
I always needed to dart the sneks for their hybrids, but whenever I did I had to take info account how horribly I’ll do lol


I will dart Entelodon, both boas and bump

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I’m after both boas because Spinoconstrictor buff


A sick Nasutoceratops is unaware she is being watched by a 14 metre-long serpent; the largest snake in the world.


C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song :camping: