Can 1.8 PLEASE be about improvements and fixes and less about shiny new objects?

I really hope Ludia has learned from their 1.7 fiasco and has resolved to do better. They spent their entire time on shiny new objects that NOBODY asked for, like boosts and the terrible darting system only the interns that have never played the game before liked.

I remember reading the patch notes. It was all “we’re nerfing all these dinos you were working on, buffing all those dinos nobody really likes anyway, nerfing monomimus because that’s just something we do every patch”, then you had the boosts, the matchmaking “improvement” that was abyssmal, tourneys that were bugged to hell, and then in a tiny footnote at the bottom, comprising less than 5% of the post, a small sad afterthought titled “Fixes”. It read, “We finally think we fixed the speed indictator that’s been broken all year, lol, Maybe not. We’ve said this before. One can hope!”

I’m not going to complain without pointing out solutions though. The crux of the game’s population is in its community and the way we interact with each other. It’s the people that add depth to the game through fan pages and other ways that unite us through our love of dinos. So the OBVIOUS improvement that comes to mind is: Give Alliances some love! Alliances are the cornerstone of creating our communities but they were barebones and bugged beyond belief since their launch last year and haven’t been touched since.

So here, a laundry list that’s not all-inclusive as I’m sure people have ideas that I will have missed.

  • Vary alliance rewards. While Sino is still kinda nice since few people have both Thor and Rinex maxxed, the rest are pretty much worthless. Tired of Einiasuckass and Concav which I think will maybe never get a hybrid.
  • Fix the chat. It bugs out if you come out from a battle. It censors everyday innocuous words.
  • Give us a bulletin board that persists so that announcements are static and reach the entire memberbase. Separate chat from donations if necessary.
  • Allow leaders to select officers with permission toggles like being able to edit the bulletin board, add/dismiss players, and usurp alliance controls should the leader ghost on the team suddenly.
  • Allow us to see who has donated what to whom. Maybe make this toggleable also and visible to leaders and/or officers so we can see who is donating within reason and who is just mooching. Maybe tie the amount of DNA people can get to the amount that they give, thereby incentivizing participation in the system.
  • Give us a “last online” function to see who’s been gone for awhile. Allow players to set a note attached to their player name so that the leader can see “going on vacation, be back on Tues” for example.
  • Fix the Defense tasks to reach Rank 5. They are way, way overtuned even for the most active alliances. While outliers exist, pretty much the only way to do this is to buy the option to force-open incubators and cheese the battles by fighting dummy accounts while doing something else. That’s not good game design.
  • Expand the badge winner icon, maybe via long press, so we can see the top 5 contributors to a particular task instead of just the top one.
  • Give us an alliance store. What a fantastic way to drum up enthusiasm. Give out a particular currency based on donations, activity, progress to badges, etc. Have this currency be used in a rotating shop with perks of varying kinds. Maybe DNA, maybe the crappy boosts since it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. A region-specific scent might be nice. Pop open a Local Zone 1 scent wherever you are so you don’t have to drive over to the ghetto just to walk around for 20 mins hoping for that dino you’re missing.
  • Fix the trophy count on people applying to our alliances. As it is right now EVERYONE has the Top 500 medal associated with them and they’re ALL at 0 trophies. How exactly is this helpful? I’m just thankful we can see their teams, kudos for not botching that up, at least.
  • Allow us a way to talk to people applying to our alliances so we can be upfront about requirements and expectations. Onboarding people for this express purpose and having them leave/get kicked out immediately is a good experience for no one.

I’m sure I could go on but this is already pretty lengthy. If you guys want to see a clan system with polish, there are tons of games out there that can give a good foundation to innovate from. Heck, even Durango Wildlands, a brand new game (although one can argue it’s been in extended beta for awhile) has a clan system with significantly more polish than JWA’s, now over a year old not including beta. Go play that. Come back and give your game some love instead of giving us stuff literally nobody’s asking for. If it’s your bottom line you’re worried about, keep in mind customer retention is a viable revenue-producing strategy. Thanks for listening.


And of course not to forget to:

-Nerf the boost to max 20% of power,heal and speed
-Rework matchmaking,the game is still unplayable and pure garbage right now.
-Nerf the tyrant tier to high apex
-nerf the SISDR
Helping the balance would make your game much better


Depending on how they operate:

1.8 is done and in QA with only minor fixes to issues with what is going in. Nothing more can be added.

1.9 is most likely already on paper and starting to be coded. Too late to add anything but an extremely urgent issue fix. Or if upper management throw a wrench into the operation, whatever they want will push something we want out of the release. Just the way it goes. <== This is why releases can be very buggy also.

1.10 has a chance to add current user suggested functionality. I would think the major functionality to be added is already lined up with specs written up. There might be room for some QOL additions if management sees fit to add them.


Very nice and wishful thinking.

By looking at the game state, Ludia development process and the feedback of employees from Ludia online; you seems like completely wrong. They don’t really feels like thinking for next few months in advance.

Yes for screwing player base + making/milking money is what they will plan few months even a year ahead.

The irony of mentioning QA “quality assurance”. Must be run by the escaped lab monkeys or by Creed Bratton from the Office, lol.

You’re probably right, of course. Sigh.


How about both?


Edit to add: while I could quibble some points it’s a well put together suggestion post. Well done

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Obviously boost removal is never gonna be a thing. So I hope there’s a boost revamp that strikes a balance between still being able to make money, but also be less hard on people who don’t buy them. Maybe make them easier to acquire or reduce requirements per level.

Also a TRUE counter to Dracos that doesn’t involve swapping to save yourself or killing it after it kills you.

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Yes. Firstly, if you chose an instant action, it should take priority over the Draco swap in. That is the first thing I’d like introduced. Would bring skill back into the mix… to an extent.

And/Or improve the other creatures with swap-in abilities… pterosaurs were a cool addition but in reality the are grossly lacking.

It’s tragic to have a L24 legendary taking a team spot from a L30 unique…

But then with boosts who gives 2 :monkey: about L30 uniques anyway!


yeah i think it should atleast happen if your dino is higher level. and if equal level, then rarity.

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More deck for tour or battle,Change change change is suck.

@Ned hey can you talk to the developers and hire this guy? As an alliance leader this is 100% right on.

But also you guys know that 1.8 is already created. The things mentioned and all our suggestions would be for a 1.9 update.

There are serious bugs and things in general that need to be fixed or updated. We don’t need to keep getting new things and things nobody cares for and them trying to fix what isn’t broken (dart system) we need Ludia to fix what is broken.

@Ludia_Developers please give alliance leaders tools!!


Amen. Oh, we can’t say that in the game lol

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You obviously put some time into this post and yes for sure Dino Hype is less of some concerns for most I believe … I just hope it rolls out fine and I will be happy :blush::metal::canada:

YES we Need tools for leaders Also we need at least 2-3 loadouts for our dino teams so we don’t have to switch back and fourth from 1 to the other…

Assuming that is not lvl 30 Thora, that fella wasted a ton of speed boost on Thora. The reason why he is matchmade with you is because he has only 1 boosted dino and the rest suck. Seen players like this lose 3-2, because their MVP went down and their other 3 couldnt handle my balanced team.

The problem with your assertion is that you think 1 overpowered dino constitutes an emergency. An emergency is when most players are getting screwed over by a poorly planned out part of the game like darting or infinite boosts. Thora can only go so far in being boosted before, you are playing 12.5% win rates.

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When i have NO dino faster than THIS,it is an emergency
And if they found it funny to do an “MVP” dino,so they should be matched with people of their kind!
I AM NOT AT 5000,i shoudl’nt face that!
Maybe you have no problem because you never face one or you are boosted enough to not face some,which is of course NONE of my concern because yes,I DO HAVE TO PLAY MORE THAN 2H TO GET ONE INCUBATOR!


So please,teacher tell me what to do?
Should i use my Credit card and buy speed boost aswell?
Should i drop to 1000 trophy?? it doesnt seem to work…
Should i try to create a team composed of lvl 15?


@shining I feel your pain. I remain unboosted and I continue to lose and play numerous battles before winning an incubator. The 2 Dino’s I have the most trouble with are boosted utasinoraptor and of course boosted Thor.

Thor always has speed advantage. Distractions don’t phase it hardly. It always does critical hits. It just one shot your whole team. It’s super annoying.

I used to almost have 5k trophies before the 1.7 now I’m under 4k. I don’t mind I just want my incubators filled but it’s annoying to fight battles forever when I’d much rather be hunting or enjoying real life.

I’ve suggested that Ludia implement another battle mode. 1 for boosted players vs other boosted players. The other for unboosted vs unboosted players. Then if you are boosted but want to play unboosted you can once entering the unboosted arena. Your boost will turn off while in there and you never lose them. I went on and laid out all details about it and winnings. I just wish Ludia would make it happen. So I can somewhat enjoy battling when I hate it already.

Implement 3 Battle Modes

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