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Can a mod answer something?


I just darted a Rex when the game kicked me for whatever this update now is (curious why they couldn’t do it all at once this morning). I need 7 REX DNA to get Tryko to 22, and darted this Rex for 106. The 106 Great/Excellent/Outstanding screen popped up, but not the spinny gold epic card that adds the DNA up. Am I going to receive this DNA??? Because if not I’m going to absolutely lose my ever loving mind and blow your support up every hour on the hour until you give me that DNA. This is crap. Especially considering there was already an update today, and considering you nerfed Rex spawns.


With some luck they un-nerfed the T-Rex spawns with this unannounced update

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if you saw the drone, you probably will get it. If not, I doubt you get it.


You are going to receive love, hugs and nothing else.
You’ll find instead 600 happy Diplocaulus to fill you heart.


I lost connection in a similar fashion last week. I saw the drone but lost connection and was forced into a restart after darting a Sino. The dna did not automatically appear until I restarted later but it did show up.

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May as well save the effort and not email them if u dont get it. Cuz emailing them wont help lol


The DNA was not added. Prepare for 38652289226527292 incoming emails, Ludia.


I’m sorry to hear that happened @TyrannosaurusLex and I understand it was unexpected. Our support team would be glad to try and assist you with this if you contacted them here with your support key.


Dear TyrannosaurusLex,
Thank you very much for contacting us. We really appreciate getting in touch!!!
Could you please let us know the time and exact coordinates of the phisical place you were hunting that Rexy?
Please take into account that we are now facing several hundred of thousands of mails with the same problem and that we may not probably answer your issue on a decent time.

Best regards,
Mikey Cloaky Rat

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little respect for support guys, it’s not their fault


… let’s not forget that this is literally just a game in an imperfect world. Things happen, and take time to fix.

Now here’s a kitty to make everyone smile

*though a fair warning would have been nice.


In all seriousness this is just not ok to crash people out of the game.

People were running scents

We need warning.

Unless the damage counter and battle drop spawns are fixed with this, you really messed up again Ludia :rage::rage:


And of course they won’t be…

So by that read “you really messed up again Luida.”



Hey… I am really liking this more personal and less ‘bot-like’ responding you guys are doing though… it makes us feel someone is there and listening maybe and you’re not just speaking to a brick wall.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, it does me anyway :slight_smile:


If respect from end users is what they’re after, tell them they’ve gotten into the wrong line of work :joy: Speaking from first hand experience here.


Sorry for that :S you will receive a raid pass and a lucky egg for the inconvenience

Ohh wrong game :smiley:


No. They never give two items. It’s one or the other.

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The same thing happened to me. My husband darted the trex while I was driving him to his appointment. So when I went to go in to level up (from last night, didn’t have the coins then), still had the same DNA count as last night.

Yet it did keep the blue headed chicken DNA he darted just before.

Can I please get my trex DNA back? It’s so hard to find in the first place.


I entered a support ticket, you should as well.