Can a support member or someone please help me?


I got on Jurassic world the game a few days ago and my phone suddenly died for like two seconds while I was in my park. When I charged it and got back on it restarted the entire game. It’s been 4 days since I contacted support, but I’m still waiting. I know ludia is very busy, but this is the second time I’ve lost my account, and I just want to get it back so I don’t have to restart, know that I’ve wasted about $60, and played this game for two years for nothing.


Are signed into Facebook and Google. Check in your settings under user profile


Hey kaileb_kruger, I’m sorry that you have not heard back from our staff yet, but we’ve been experiencing a much larger volume of tickets lately. Our team is working hard to get to everyone who needs assistance. In the meantime, let me see if I can help you find your game data.

If your game was connected to your Facebook account, could you make sure that you’re not signed out of it on your game? You might have to complete the in-game tutorial again to be able to reach the settings menu to sign in.


I don’t have a Facebook account, I was meaning to get to doing it, but I forgot.


So can you help me get my account back, or am I just screwed?