Can all of the rare, epic & hybrid dinos spawn in JWA?


Can you guys give a screen shot of the dinos you’ve seen spawn? Or maybe someone is creating a spawn list.


I dont have a screenshot, but I’ve seen a T-Rex spawn at the local Cracker Barrel resturant.

Got 20 DNA from him.


Yes they can. I think that all dinosaurs can spawn ( don’t know about the legendary and unique tho ). 2 days ago I actually found Stegoceratops ( a hybrid between Stegosaurus and Triceratops ) and got 37 DNA from it. So yeah you can find them, but ofc they’re rare :smiley: .

btw Sorry I can’t post a screenshot of the Stegoceratops right now :confused: .


I actually ran into 2 Postimetrodon’s yesterday which is an epic hybrid, but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen hybrids out. Got a free lvl 11 epic out of it though so no complaints :slight_smile: I doubt you could run into a unique hybrid but potentially a legendary but I haven’t seen any so far.


Legendary and unique don’t spawn in the wild. But other hybrid (epic, rare) can spawn in the wild just like epic and rares. Some epic don’t spawn at all for the moment (like baryonyx) or are arena exclusive (irritator)


here you go :wink:


Here is proof; hybrid epics do spawn in the wild. Anything epic or below can spawn in the wild. But not all of them! The carno for example hasn’t been seen yet. Various other dinosaurs are probably only going to spawn with the new event feature: the drakorex (the first featured dino; common one) for example can’t be caught in the wild, or at least i haven’t found it yet. I also caught a Postimetrodon as well but no screenshot. So far i got anything ranging from a trex to a kentro and even a pyrotaptor and even erliko. Just got to be lucky!


I had one spawn on my house just now…



Yup. After plugging in my first few DNA for it, an Einiosuchus spawned at my local mall.

I’ve also seen 2 Postimetridons spawned.

Pretty sure as others have said, Legendary and Unique might need to be specifically engineered, but epic and below - even hybrids - appear to spawn. Good luck finding them! :slight_smile:


This is dinosaur spawn places


I’m gonna have to get back to you to confirm some of these or not… For the cause.


I finally found a T-Rex yesterday hanging out in a neighborhood not too far from a historical marker. I was able to get 30 DNA from him.


maybe higher probability in these places, but it is definitely a lot more random that this. I see Gorgosaurus all the time and they are no where near a restaurant. I also never see Nodosaurus or Armagosaurus. Live in south NH.


The locations in that picture have a 24h chance of spawning. That’s actually a very small portion shown


Can you let us know where this info comes from? Thanks.


I mean the link is in the top of the picture above you…


thanks viper, just saw that. appreciate the info


I believe this is true because this picture place gas station and tricerstops, triceratops gen2, einiasaourus is there



Some rares and epics spawn around here, but not too many. I’ve only seen epic rex twice, and epic trike twice. I see p-raptors more than any other epic. As for rares, it’s gorgos and trike gen2 around here.

What tends to aggravate me is that there are commons that spawn less than rates here, like Tarbos or Tanys.

I’ve only seen epic hybrids once in a blue moon - once was postimetro, and once for stegoceratops.