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Can any alliance help me get indoraptor?


Wondering if there are any higher level alliances out there with maxed dinosaurs that could donate me some velociraptor so I can get indoraptor (it’s literally all I need) thank you


Alliances are a give and take


There might be some takers this week, especially for active players. Velociraptor is a coveted dino as she is part of three recipes.

To get indoraptor(once Indom and velo were 20) took me around 60k

One tip, if you see raptors pop up near you, probably morning or night is a good time to pop your normal scents.

I should promote my guild at this point, but I’m looking for a top 50 guild myself.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


If you need help creating indoraptor you may seriously need to consider the amount of grinding this game takes.

Indo is seriously the easiest epic to create and level…the only thing that comes close is Thor.

Consider using your normal common scents exclusively at night. As with all the rex going around everyone will be burning through there own vrap supply. If your 100% ftp… follow jwa on twitter for the daily hard cash bonus links to help purchase common scents.


You have to work for it, as anyone else did.

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I feel your pain. I just leveled my vrap to 20 only to find that you need 2k DNA just for one fusion. Not only that but you need vrap DNA for Indo rex which is the other fusion component. It is going to take much longer than I expected to get indoraptor. But I will just grind it out.


I feel like this is similar to a job interview. You are trying to convince an alliance why they should allow you to join. Just saying you want Velo DNA and nothing else is very off putting and makes people think you are there to just take DNA and not give back.

Here’s a suggestion:
Let others know what ranking you are, how many hours you play a week and what you would be able to contribute to the alliance. Then they might be a lot more willing to let you join :wink:


I would be glad to help but how could I!?


Well I fell behind when I had my accident and I didn’t get indo until last night and let me tell you that was extremely hard to do. So you can’t say it was the easiest one to get! And I still haven’t got THOR. SO IF YOU FALL BEHIND FOR SOME UNFORTUNATE REASON YOU WILL HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING IT!


Thankfully we have a great T-Rex daily missions! I stopped leveling him up to use the DNA for indorap


Is your current alliance not donating enough for your tastes, or do you not belong to an alliance?

I like to hope people have some loyalty to their allegiance, and not just expect to receive gifts from their alliance partners.

If someone just takes from my alliance, they will get booted.

But to be fair, velociraptor is one of the easiest things to get in the wild.

My alliance is full, and has remained loyal.

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it is by far the easiest. anytime global spawn epic and a common.
plus we’ve have multiple chances to dart it and it’s components and you can get upto 100 trex per day

not saying everyone should have it by now, but it is the easiest


Probley the wrong way of asking…
Don’t think you will get anything that way.

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Depends on how far are you to get one? I think it’s pretty easy to get Indo these days, as all you have to do is to concentrate on Velociraptor, and if you keep completing daily tasks, TRex is pretty much in your bag. Consider using your normal scent capsules wisely to spawn more velociraptors.


But it is so much easier then any other unique… …2 global spawns means anyone can get it regardless of local. The grinds only get worse for uniques after indo… honestly thor is only as easy as your ability to find sino… but since its been in so many events its easy after that.

Most other uniques require epics spawns from a specific local or rare spawns. There is a big difference between having to go to an l2 using some scents and possibly coming away empty handed versus walking outside at night and tripping over vrap and tarbo.

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Join my alliance (Dino Lab)
have lot dna to share , as my work moving around ( cycling )d allow to collect alotf DNA


This post is hilarious. You want to leech off an alliance that is probably all over the top in arena ladders when you are not even close to their level.
I’m definitely sharing this link to make other peoples’ day. We need some laughs while grinding for alliance rush.
In my alliance you can take your chances asking for DNA like this but if you dont want to gamble and if you want to get your DNA request get filled asap, we agree trade DNA with each other.