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Can anyone at arena 8 tell me what the arena exclusive dinosaur is?


Basically what the title says XD it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting to arena 8 any time soon, and I want to know who is the arena exclusive dinosaur that I won’t be getting.


Why not ask one of the many hackers that still have 5000 trophies.


Guess someone will say I’m boasting.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(I guess this Gallimimus’ stats in lv 26)

Only got a few Gallimimus DNA, not able to create.


Hey dude can you tell me what are all the exclusive dinosaurs from each arena.


They are literally in patch notes since they just changed


Great thanks a lot! Actually her skill set sounds interesting but I think I will survive not unlocking her for a while.


Arena 1 - Proceratosaurus, rare
Arena 2 - Irritator Gen 2, common
Arena 3 - Stygimoloch, epic
Arena 4 - Purrusaurus, rare
Arena 5 - Irritator, rare
Arena 6 - Stygimoloch Gen 2, common
Arena 7 - Baryonyx Gen 2, rare
Arena 8 - apparently Gallimimus! Common


thank you very much @Lyra for this information