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Can anyone confirm this bug with me?

I have had several experiences wherein an invisible enemy is the only one within range of an attack, and yet they are still listed as unattackable. This has been an issue with the water elemental sin the new Explore areas, and I just had it happen with another enemy. Specifically, the wizard with the lightning staff could not attack the only enemy in range during a Challenge in the Anvil of a Dumathoin area.

I have noticed this off and on since the update that added the new Explore areas, and I think I have finally figured out the exact bug. Can someone help me confirm?

I can confirm this, if there is another enemy on the battlefield, but not in range, it will block you from hitting the stealth enemy IN range. Also this bug only affects ranged weapons.

That is what has been throwing me. It only occurred to me today it was the ranged weapons getting bugged. This like the terrain issues worked properly before the update.

Hey Horke, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key and more details of your battle so our team can investigate this further?


Yet some enemies aren’t affected by this. I move my stealthed halbenet up and those giant brutes were able to throw their 2 range spear at my stealthed character.

It only affects hero ranged attacks, not enemies. I think at least

I have had this happen in the past and just assumed there was something I was missing

Yes definite bug happens often.

I only have 2 tile range attackers and can’t target stealthed attackers when they r two tiles away with Eg lightning bolt, arrows (if there is a non-stealthed attacker at 3 range).

Note I can target them with wizards hood darkness attack (range of 2, hits whole zone) under the same conditions but not with Eg archers wild shot (range of 2 but hits random). Presumably because you can target area with former whereas the latter you need to target one enemy as the initial target.

Strangely can hit them with my ranged attackers when they are 1 tile away (and the non stealthed is still 3 tiles away), so it seems to only be an issue when stealthed are two tiles away.