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Can Anyone Explain the Gear combo and/or Trigger for the following attacks?

  1. Ranger attacks and kills my fighter in the next rank, then moves forward 1 space, then attacks again and kills my bard. This was all in the 1 turn. Ranger had axes,otherwise cannot provide further info on his gear.

  2. Rogue moves 2 spaces (in 1 fluid motion), then does a full attack

  3. Barbarian (Roar like) range attack at 3 zones. Killed my guy, so unsure if any secondary effect.

All these attacks have occurred in pvp to me since the reset occurred a few days ago. This game trolls bad.

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The first one is weird… I don’t think there’s anything that lets you attack, then move, then attack again.
The second one is likely a combination of her rare glasses and either her common or epic boots. The glasses let you move an extra space, and when the boots trigger they give you another action.
The barbarian Howl ability is 3 zones at level 10

Nothing in this game lets you attack, move and attack again although I was hoping they would have that on the monk. In your first scenario your fighter must have been injured which caused him to die at start of his turn and then the Ranger started his turn right after.



  1. See @gpinsky1313

Thanks for those answers guys. This game always finds new ways to troll you, LOL.

Maybe I misinterpreted the sequence with the ranger i.e. a retaliation just prior it its turn. If it ever happens again, I’ll have another “tantie” and let you know.

A battle replay system wouldn’t be a bad feature to add to this game.


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I suspect the rogue attack is the guild hood, as you stated 1 fluid motion.