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Can anyone explain this new move set?

So Diloracheirus gets 2 healing moves instead of a greater stunning rampage and a rampage and run?

How is that going to be any use in the arena?

Am I missing something?

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It is gonna be a healer in Co-op mode. Probably one of the best according to Gampress since heals are now based on the creature’s attack stat. High attack and high speed to make sure you get that heal off in time.

Yeah but what will it be when it’s used in the arena?

not sure. there isn’t any confirmation if these (move) changes are co-op specific. but i’m leaning towards that they aren’t.

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Many of the healers will indeed be useless in the normal arena. Tenontorex, I think, is the one exception. That one looks like it will be a house in co-op and decent in the arena. Hadrosaurs are the unfortunate casualty in an otherwise great update. :frowning:

They aren’t co-op specific.

If they aren’t, and you really can heal your whole team with Dilorach, I might actually run it. I wouldn’t be surprised either way.