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Can anyone explain this?

Preferably someone at Ludia can explain just how selling a Trykosaurus can cause anything other than consternation amongst lower level players who have to face this?

It never ceases to amaze me how Ludia manage to outdo themselves with Ludiacrous ideas such as this when matchmaking is already a mess.

Have money, will win seems to be the only focus left now and I’ve often been vocal in supporting those who pay as it helps those who prefer not to spend money. But to let players buy one of the best dinos in the game is just well…


Hi @Schtemty :grin:

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Hey @nerfousmaximus

It makes me so sad to see this…

When I started playing Tryko was the one Dino I really wanted but it took me the best part of nine months to create it!

Now anyone can download the game , get their credit card out and Bingo! One of the best dinos in the game in your team in less than 5 minutes!

I don’t know where they are going with this…

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Ludia is the most greedy company I’ve ever seen. They can sell anything just to get more $$$. They don’t care about balance, gameplay, or fair play. So it’s no surprise.

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Someone who just bought this will have it at lvl21. Is that a threat to you? No. Is that a threat to players in lower arena who are already facing nitro thors, uber legendaries and 2 or even 3 apexes on daily basis? meh, they hate the arena there already anyway.
Remember when we had 5 darting attempts on this thing? Might as well give Ludia cash so they at least have enough money to keep producing content. If there are people who are willing to pay twice as much as a entire console game for a single virtual dinosaur, let them be.



if i had the disposable income, i’d probably buy it. i like tryko.


This :point_up_2: everything about this :raised_hands:

Um…uh… to the bank?



This this this.

And this is why I’m F2P


Well let me tell you who cares @Tielenaar

The players who haven’t got the disposable income to buy it and get whipped when their opponent brings it out.
They are the future players who might have carried on playing this game for as long as we have, but are highly unlikely to when early on they face dinos that shouldn’t be available until much later in the game.

Do you not agree that a Dino like this shouldn’t be available to a very low level player?

Whether it affect me now is not the point here. I hope to still be playing this game in years to come, and that’s why I am happy to see Ludia make money from it. What disturbs me is the fact that the instant gratification of someone who buys this early in the game will be squashing the fun out of the game for those who don’t buy it.

So I care


Don’t think this offer is available to low level players. I have a level 6 alt which can’t see this offer where as my level 20 account can.


Do I pay $100 for a digital Dino I don’t actually own, or for a Carcharodontosaurus tooth off Ebay? :thinking:

Guess the kids are going hungry tonight.

Kidding… settle down. That was sarcasm up there.

Can we just skip the next two weeks and start the “Nerf Trykosaurus” threads now? :man_facepalming:


Don’t know if this is glitch or what, but I just bought one and it showed up on my screen fully boosted already :scream:

Thanks Ludia!!! Best game ever


Wow! I wish I had your luck :confused:


If that’s the case and low level players can’t buy it, I take my criticism back.

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SaMe tHinG HapPEnEd FoR mE! :open_mouth:



It’s funny you mention those 5 attempts cause one of the biggest criticisms those attempts brought was top tier Dino’s are ment to be earned not just unlocked. That apparently is only a valid argument when it concerns to many players being able to unlock it through gameplay.

@Schtemty it is available on a lvl 14 account in at 3500. So your criticism isn’t exactly unfounded.

That said this games revenue is down has been since 2.0 hit. Jwtg has taken its place as Ludias biggest earner consistently over multiple months. Considering this game has extra costs coming in from google it’s not too surprising Ludia being Ludia and all.


Buying a tryko — legit fairness.
Darting a tenontorex one time — this will upset arena balance.