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Can anyone explain to me how someone can have an ErlikoSpix of 30 a few hours after the release?


As I have said on some occasions, for me the worst of the last months of the game has been the low variety of dinosaurs and the appearance of new hybrids associated with creatures Arena Exclusive. It seems that the idea of ​​creating this type of creatures was given by a part of the “elites” annoyed by cheats, a problem that for them was the main one although for many it was not.

When I saw the new version I made quick calculations. Despite playing from the start, being VIP, putting all possible incubators every day and buying hundreds of additional battle incubators, I did not have enough Baryonix Gen 2 to even create the Erlikospix. I thought, deluded me, that very few people would be able to create it and that the “elites” who spend a lot of money in the game might be able to take it to 22, maybe to 23 and it would take many months to take it to 30.

Yesterday I went to see the best teams and I saw Erlikospyx of 26 and 27. I did not leave my astonishment, but nothing compared when I saw level 30.

According to my calculations, to evolve Erlikospix to 30 it is necessary approximately 86.000 DNA of Baryonix Gen 2. I, as I said before, being VIP, playing from the beginning and opening hundreds of additional incubators I have obtained 19,383 ADn of Baryonix Gen 2 … and it turns out that someone has achieved 86,000, more than triple and has only been able to obtain opening incubators. It is true that he may have received part of donations, but so much?

But there is still more, until the new version appeared, the cumulative maximum of rare DNA was 50,000, therefore, the best situation a player could be on the day the version appeared was to have this creature at level 15 and have 50,000 DNA accumulated. As far as I know, and if no one tells me otherwise, it was IMPOSSIBLE to have more. Well, that means that someone who was in that ideal position 2 days ago and now has this beast in Level 30, has got 33,000 DNA of Baryionix Gen 2 in 48 hours. Can someone explain me how? His alliance partners may have donated 2,000 so the other 31,000 should have obtained opening incubators but how many? In these months I have opened more than a thousand incubators to obtain 19,383 DNA from Baryonix gene 2 … is it really possible to open (and pay) more than 1000 incubators in 48 hours?

There may be an explanation, but I can not find it.


Just read thru the huge thread that already exists. :wink:
Even has a similar title.

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TLDR: You can go over the cap on DNA if you pay for it. So when you pay to speed open an incubator you can go over that cap, which means they had over the cap and therefore had enough to create it to that level.


This needs to be changed ASAP… a cap is a cap and it is there for a reason.


it’s there to hinder f2p players. it’s a free game that exists to make money. not many people would buy something if they weren’t actually going to get it :sweat_smile:


Well, I did not see it, I’m going to look for it.


Now I have read in the other thread that the limit of 50,000 was not met in the purchase of incubators. It is a good explanation. It never ceases to amaze me that someone can spend tens of thousands of dollars buying incubators but, in the end, everyone does with their money what they want. Nothing to object. Also, those purchases help keep the game.

In fact, if we add the existence of these new “paid” hybrids and the new Boosts, it is possible that soon we will find a situation that may be beneficial for all. A “First division” will be created with the people who dedicate thousands of euros to the game and a “second division” with the rest. The difference will be so great (one of these hybrids boosted to the maximum is much higher than Lord Lytronax) that the two divisions will be created automatically. For my part this will not be a problem and, perhaps, once this separation has been made, new hybrids for the “second division” can be created again, without payment components so that we can all have fun again, some hunting and others fighting .