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Can anyone explain why this would happen?

So I have a secondary a/c which I started a while back and it’s non boosted. Currently it stands at 37** and I enjoy the arena with it, unlike how it is for my main a/c at 51**.

That is until just now, whereupon I lost 2 in a row and the opponent had Ardentimax at level 23, Indoraptor at 23, Pterovexus at 22 and Tenontorex at 24.

Nothing strange about that I hear you say, except this wasn’t a real opponent, it was ai, and I’m at level 12 with the highest Dino on my team being a level 20 Trago!!!

Steadily I had been climbing quite nicely until this nonsense, and this totally takes the biscuit. Ludia has completely lost the plot and seems determined to destroy the arena.

The level of bots you face is dependent on which arena you are currently in. Your team level doesn’t have impact on that. 9 out of 10 times will bot pick an irregular move when their HP fall in range. If you manage to lead into a 2-1, they will keep switching their last creature for eternity.

Lower level players matches weren’t rage inducing enough, no incentive to spend.

Yeah I get that but no one in this arena has an uniques, well maybe the odd one but not like this.

The first time it happened I lost 3-0 and I was so angry thinking it was a dropper. Ten minutes later exactly the same thing happened, the same team and I lost 3-1 and then I realised it was ai.

My theory would be sometimes when switching accounts certain aspects of the game get stuck on the previous account. Like alliance missions, sanctuaries, dna requests. Requiring a force close and restart to fix. This kinda sounds like match making was finding a bot for your other account.