Can anyone help me on what creature should I use

What creature should I start using?

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Try erlikospyx and spinocon
The only weak link in your team is either compycaulus or dodocevia
Coelhaast sinokotaraptor and argenteryx are better options for flocks if you have the coin


I would put in spinocon for dodocevia


I agree dodocevia is the weakest on your tab spinocon is way better

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Honestly your team is pretty good, maybe swap in something for dodocevia but other than that you’re pretty much using what is currently classified as “the meta” so just work on getting them levelled up and boosted

Spinocon is a great option

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I would switch dodocevia for spinoconatrictor

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Constrictor and Rhino(swapper) in place of Cevia and Caulus…

Put spyx or spinocon in for dodoc because it’s easily killed by most cunnings.

I might recommend Megalotops. It is an excellent damage reducer for your team. Dilophoboa, Argenteryx, Parasauthops are also excellent ideas.

I think erlikospyx or spinocon for the dodo hybrid and maybe the comsocal for something else because it can’t heal when swapping in

Best options are spinocon parasauthops and antarctovenator
I haven’t seen it mentioned but it has great resistances and can deal with almost anything plus it’s a tyrant creature

Dilophoboa is not good
Did you mean spinocon

Maybe, but my Allo G2 killed both in Intermediate Campaign battles

I found a lvl 21 spinocon in the area badlands (they must have bought it from the unique spinocon incubator) and I had my allo g2 and then the spinocon got absolutely shredded

Allo g2 is really good agents spinocon because it’s immune to the bleed